2018 Features in Ford's New F-150.

2018 Features in Ford’s New F-150.

DAX: Stocks Rebound After Big Sell-Off

After yesterday’s big sell-off, European equities have bounced back and US index futures point to a higher open on Wall Street.

Google fined $2.7B by EU

FBN’s Cheryl Casone and Lauren Simonetti on EU’s record antitrust fine against Google.

The Fantasy World Of The FED

Do you remember the halcyon days when rising interest rates and increasing interest rate differentials were the precursor to a stronger currency?

Central Bank Resumes Cash Injection Into Money Market

China’s central bank injected 30 billion yuan (4.76 billion U.S. dollars) into the financial system via open market operations on Monday to maintain stable liquidity.

Mark Fields Ousted At Ford

FBN’s Jeff Flock on the management shakeup at Ford (F, quote).

Central Bank Renews Reverse Repos

China’s central bank renewed its cash injection via open market operations to ease liquidity on Tuesday after suspending the move for two trading days.

Stopping Volume Appears On The Daily Oil Chart

Last week was an interesting one for oil traders (USO, quote) and speculators, as crude oil continued to move lower from Monday to Thursday, before bouncing strongly on Friday and closing in positive territory for the day, with a deep wicked candle on the daily chart and associated with high volume.

Will The ES emini Join The Leader Of The Pack Soon?

For US equity traders and investors these are worrying times, as the NQ emini continues to blast its way ever higher, and leaving its sister indices becalmed and lacking direction, with the ES emini a classic example.

EURUSD Forecast May 1, 2017, Technical Analysis

The EURUSD pair rallied initially on Friday, breaking above the 1.09 handle.